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Seas and Oceans:

Welcome to the Seas and Oceans of Spain! I talk a lot about Spanish beaches in this blog because I must be the only person in the world who’s traveled to every single one of them (you can see the videos I recorded on this youtube channel).

But it’s not just about the beaches! It’s about the fascinating world of marine life, history, and geography that surrounds this beautiful country. 🌊🇪🇸

Let me tell you a little bit about all that in this category:

Discover 1 Ocean and 4 Seas that Make Spain’s Coast Unique and understand the variety and beauty of Spain’s shores. Ever wondered about the Black Sea’s connection to the Mediterranean? Find the answer in Is the Black Sea part of the Mediterranean? Yes and no. This is why.

Curious about marine life? Learn about Mediterranean Sea Sharks: Watch Out for These 5 Magnificent JAWS!.

Delve into the nomenclature and characteristics of the Mediterranean Sea with articles like Is the Mediterranean Sea an Ocean? It’s called “sea” for a reason!, Is the Mediterranean sea saltwater? Yes, very! This is why, and Why is the Mediterranean Sea called like that? 5 Unknown Facts.

Finally, immerse yourself in 13 Fascinating Mediterranean Sea Facts You Always Wanted to Know to deepen your appreciation for this incredible body of water. Explore the wonders of Spain’s Seas and Oceans with me! 🌅


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