Welcome to Languages of Spain!

For some reason a lot of people from outside of Spain think that we only speak Spanish. Spain = Spanish, right? Wel… not quite! We have a very rich linguistic diversity in Spain!

In this category we’ll delve into the fascinating history, regional variations, and cultural significance of the Spanish language. 🇪🇸🗣️

But many things more!

We’ll learn about the History of The Spanish Language 101: From the Romans to Today! and explore the 5 Differences between Spanish in Spain vs Latin America.

Unravel the complexities of One Language with Huge Differences and compare Spanish vs Mexican.

Immerse yourself in the 6 Official Languages in Spain and its Unique 8 Dialects and find out about 6 Languages Similar to Spanish that are Easy to Learn.

Discover How long it takes to learn Spanish and uncover the 9 Reasons why this language is so difficult!

And finally, answer the question: Is Catalan a language or a dialect? The Beloved Soul of Catalonia.

Join me in exploring the captivating world of Spain’s languages and the stories they tell. 📚


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