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Welcome to Flora in Spain! Did you know that Spanish flora is one of the most diverse florea in the world? 🌸🌳🌿

I didn’t either! But as a spaniard myself (and author to the blog), I had to include a category on Spanish Flora when I found out.

And this is it! I really hope you like it, because some of these posts have been very fun to write.

For example…

Discover the Beauty of Spain’s Flora: 5 Iconic Trees, Flowers & 12 Protected Species and learn about My top 9 Flowers in Spain, Flowering Season, and City Festivals.

Get to know the 3 Major Categories of Plants in Spain before designing your dream garden, and explore 9 Native Tree Species in Spain for fellow tree enthusiasts.

Check out the Top Spanish Trees: Charts of Names and Locations That Come Handy and admire the One National Flower of Spain & Its Beautiful Meaning.

Join me in celebrating the vibrant and captivating world of Spain’s flora! 🌺🍃


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