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Hello there, fellow history and culture enthusiasts! Welcome to the Nationalism category, where I delve into the regional identities and nationalist movements in Spain.

It’s a very complex topic, but I’ve tried to explain everything in detail for non-spaniards.

I did my best to be objective and fair… but please understand that some of these are very difficult topics. If you want to add anything, just leave a comment in any of the posts.

To start, let’s tackle the complex issue of Spain vs Catalonia. My post answers 5 Key Questions to Understand the Conflict, shedding light on the historical and political context behind this heated debate.

Next up is the Basque Country, a region with a rich history and a unique language. In my post, I reveal the Complicated Truth about whether the Basque Country is considered a “country” or not.

Finally, let’s take a closer look at Catalonia, a region with a strong sense of identity and a deep-rooted history. Discover 15 Things That Make Catalonia Unique and learn what sets this region apart from the rest of Spain.

I hope you enjoy uncovering the fascinating world of nationalism in Spain with me. Happy reading and exploring!


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