Seasons in Spain:

Hola, fellow traveler! Welcome to our Seasons in Spain category, where we share the best activities, tips, and advice for enjoying Spain’s most popular destinations all year round.

A lot of people think that Spain is just a country worth visiting in the summer. But it’s not! There are awesome things to do in every seasons. As a born and raised Spaniard, I’m going to show you the best things to do in Spain in any season!

Let’s begin in beautiful Barcelona. Discover the 10 Best Activities for the Perfect Summer in Barcelona! and then Explore Barcelona’s Winter Charm with our 11 cool things to do. To prepare for the city’s ever-changing weather, check out our Barcelona Weather: Advice from a local + 7 Tips!. And don’t forget to enjoy Barcelona in Spring and Autumn with our amazing activity suggestions.

Next up, the stunning island of Mallorca. Get ready for Mallorca’s Weather: Advice from a local + 5 Tips! and make the most of Winter in Mallorca with our 7 best plans. Don’t miss the 7 Reasons Why Mallorca in Spring is our favorite season.

Finally, let’s dive into the vibrant capital, Madrid. Experience the best of [Madrid in Autumn](


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