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History of Spain:

Welcome to the History of Spain category!

I’m a Spaniard myself, which is why you might not believe me when I say that Spain has the coolest history. But I really think it does! In this section I’ve tried to capture the thrilling journey through Spain’s rich and diverse past, as we uncover the stories, events, and people that have shaped this fascinating country. 🇪🇸⌛

This category is a work in progress. I’ll keep updating it as I add more content.

Explore the Romans in Spain: Influence, Legacy, & 13 Archeological Sites and learn about the History of Spain: 20 Centuries Answered in 9 Key Questions. Delve into The 13 Top-Rated Spanish History Books: Get your Best Seller!.

Discover the Islamic roots of Cordoba in Is Cordoba Islamic? History of the Great Spanish Caliphate, and find out the truth about Franco in Was Franco Communist? What Experts Say + 10 Interesting Facts.

Unravel the origin of the country’s name in Why is Spain Called Spain? The Real Origin of its Name and learn about the Moors in Who were the Moors? Understanding their Culture, Origin and Legacy.

Discover the religion in Spain’s Colonies, the importance of Spanish Swords, and many more fascinating aspects of Spain’s history, from ancient legends to modern inventions.

Immerse yourself in the stories that have shaped Spain and uncover its many secrets with me! 📜


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