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Hey there, and welcome to Sensational Spain! We're so glad you found us. We're all about giving you the inside scoop on the best of Spanish culture, food, and travel.

This whole adventure started during our honeymoon. We traveled all around the world, but the more we traveled the more we realised how amazing our homeland is: Spain.

Jimena Bolívar and Iñigo Navarro at the Alcazar of Seville in Spain
At the Alcazar of Seville

Meet the Duo Behind It All

We couldn't wait to share the magic of Spain with the world, but we had so many awesome things to cover. So, we brainstormed and came up with five incredible aspects of Spain we wanted to share:

  1. Spanish Food: Who doesn't like delicious tapas and pintxos? And what about the super healthy mediterranean diet?
  2. Spanish Travel: Spain is the second most visited country in the world! Blame our weather, cities & landscapes.
  3. Spanish Culture: We have a rich and long history, a very diverse country with unique regions & traditions.
  4. Spanish Language: Spanish is extremely important in the world. And so many people want to learn... why not teach them?
  5. Living in Spain: With so many expats & digital nomads living in Spain... wouldn't they want a community to support each other?
Jimena Bolívar and Iñigo Navarro at the Mirador de Es Colomer in Mallorca
Mirador de Es Colomer in Mallorca

Our Crazy Adventure begun in 2022

Instead of sticking to just one topic, we decided to take on all five and set out on a one-year whirlwind journey.

We crafted detailed travel guides in the summer, cooked up scrumptious Spanish recipes in the winter, started a podcast for expats, and even launched a YouTube channel to share our culture and language learning tips.

Jimena Bolívar and Iñigo Navarro at the Mirador de Es Colomer in Mallorca
Glass Palace in Madrid

Sensational Spain Today and Beyond

Now, our dream has become a reality! Thousands of people like you use our guides to plan trips, learn to cook Spanish dishes, and dive into Spain's vibrant culture and language.

And guess what? We're not stopping anytime soon! We're excited to keep spreading the love for Spain and connect with you, our amazing readers.

Join Us on This Exciting Ride

We hope you'll enjoy our stories, insights, and experiences as you discover the wonders of Spain's rich culture, delicious food, and breathtaking views. Thanks for joining us on this incredible journey!

Jimena Bolívar & Iñigo Navarro

About the Authors

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Iñigo Navarro

Company: Co-founder at Sensational Spain

Birthplace: Madrid, Spain

Author Bio:

Inigo Navarro is a seasoned travel writer with a deep understanding of Spain's cities, culture, people and language. Born and raised in Spain, he has spent years exploring the country and is currently one of the most-read Travel Bloggers about Spain. Inigo is also an experienced digital marketer, a father to 4 beautiful children and a huge Real Madrid Fan. ¡Hala Madrid!


Jimena Bolívar Profile Thumbnail

Jimena Bolívar

Company: Co-founder at Sensational Spain

Birthplace: Madrid, Spain

Author Bio:

Jimena Bolívar is a seasoned travel writer with a unique passion for Spanish Food & Recipes. With a background in business and marketing, she brings a strategic and innovative approach to her writing, making her the perfect guide for those looking to truly experience the Authentic Spain. Jimena is also a Mother of 4, and is a huge fan of knitting her own clothes.


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