Spanish Dance:

Hey there, dance lovers! Welcome to the Spanish Dance category, where we’ll take a twirl through Spain’s rich and vibrant dance heritage.

I grew up with flamenco music and dance (not as much as some of my friends from the south, though) and I get why people love Spanish Dance so much!

From traditional to contemporary, flamenco to sardana, it’s hard not to tap your feet and move to the rhythm of Spain’s most iconic dances.

And this category will show you precisely that! Start by discovering the 9 Popular and Traditional Spanish Dances that will last generations, and then explore the fascinating world of flamenco with 9 Curious Flamenco Facts that will totally surprise you.

Dive deeper into the heart of flamenco by learning about the 5 Flamenco Instruments that are unique in the world, and join one of Spain’s famous “tablaos” to discover What is Flamenco Dance?

Switch gears to explore the dramatic arts with The 9 Golden Spanish Plays you’ll love to collect, and ignite your passion with 7 Flamenco Artists that will bring out your most passionate side.

Finally, get to know one of Spain’s most popular dances, The Sardana, and immerse yourself in its lively and spirited movements.

So put on your dancing shoes, and let’s embark on this rhythmic journey through Spanish Dance. ¡Olé!


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