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Bullfighting in Spain:

¡Hola, bullfighting aficionados! Ready to dive into the exciting and controversial world of bullfighting in Spain?

Sure you are!

I’ve written a couple of articles that I think will be helpful understanding the cultural history of bullfightiing and the ongoing debate around its legality (and morality).

If you’re new here, I would recommend you immerse yourself in the captivating world of bullfighting with 31 cultural and interesting facts about bullfighting in Spain

Next, join the heated discussion on the legality and morality of this centuries-old tradition, as we ask the question, is bullfighting legal in Spain?. Learn about the arguments from both sides of the never-ending debate and form your own opinion on this controversial practice.

Finally, discover the origin, purpose, and top festivities that define bullfighting in Spain, providing a deeper understanding of its cultural significance and the emotions it evokes. Even the list of the 9 most famous Spanish bullfighters.

So, are you ready to explore the passionate and polarizing world of bullfighting in Spain? ¡Vamos a descubrir la tauromaquia!


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