Geography of Spain:

Hey there, geography enthusiasts! Welcome to the Geography of Spain category, where we’ll explore the amazing landscapes, bodies of water, and natural wonders that make Spain a true gem. I’m a borned and raised spaniard who’s extremely passionate about our geography. I’ve travelled from corner to corner, which is why I can’t wait to share some captivating facts and beautiful places with you.

So, let’s get started!

First, let’s kick things off with 45 Easy Fun Facts About Spain’s Geography You Should Know. This post covers a wide range of interesting tidbits that’ll leave you wanting more. And speaking of beautiful places, don’t miss my article on The 15 Magical Islands in Spain to Visit Once in a Lifetime – it’s a must-read for every traveler!

Spain has an incredible variety of lakes and rivers, so make sure to check out these posts: 10 Interesting Facts About Spain’s Lakes (before you visit!), The 34 Main Rivers in Spain + the ones no one tells you about, and 1 Ocean and 4 Seas that Make Spain’s Coast Unique.

For a more in-depth look at specific regions, dive into 9 Mountains Ranges in Spain for a Scenic Adventure, The Beautiful Guadiana + 20 Rivers Between Spain & Portugal, Iberia: The Rich Past and Present of our Unique Peninsula, and Iberian Peninsula: 4 Countries & 1 Polemic Colony.

Love the beach? Get ready to be captivated by The Canary Islands: 8 Beautiful Spanish Islands in Africa and Ibiza vs Mallorca: Which one is the best? Which one do I choose?. Happy exploring! 🌍🇪🇸


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