Cities in Spain:

Hey there, fellow Spain enthusiasts! Welcome to the Cities in Spain category, where we’ll explore everything from bustling urban centers to charming villages. I’ve spent many years traveling around Spain and I finally have a place to share that information with the world!

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That being said…

You have to check out the Map of Spain: Get To Know Spanish Cities Like the Palm of Your Hand to familiarize ourselves with the layout of the land. I’ve also compiled a list of the largest and prettiest cities you just can’t miss - trust me, they’re must-sees!

Looking for something a bit more quaint? 11 Spanish Villages to Add to Your Vision Board showcases the most charming little towns you’ll definitely want to visit. And if you’re curious about what makes the largest cities in Spain so crowded, I’ve got a surprising explanation in store.

Of course, the “best” city in Spain depends on your personal preferences. In The Best City in Spain according to your different wants and needs, I’ll help you find the perfect destination tailored to your interests. And if you’re a numbers person, my post How many cities are in Spain? Population & official data from INE will satisfy your curiosity.

Ready for some eye candy? Check out “Pueblos Blancos”: The 13 Most Fascinating White Cities in Spain and Lovely Southern Spain Cities to Add to your Bucketlist! for picturesque locales you’ll fall in love with. Speaking of love, who doesn’t adore a Spanish beach town? I’ve got all the dreamy details!

For history buffs, you won’t want to miss The Ancient Spanish Lost City: Is the Missing Atlantic in Andalucia? and my guide to 9 Roman Cities in Spain for Fascinating Time Traveling. Plus, explore Cities in Northern Spain: 12 locations and best spots to visit for even more travel inspiration.

So, are you ready to discover the magic of Spain’s cities? Let’s embark on this journey together! 🇪🇸


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