Best of Spain:

Hey there, Spain enthusiast! Welcome to our Best of Spain category, where we showcase the most amazing places and experiences Spain has to offer. From charming towns to vibrant markets and iconic bars, we’ve got it all covered to help you plan the ultimate Spanish adventure!

This category is a little random, but I’ve tried to add anything that I think it’s a must if you’re visiting Spain for the first time. It’s been very hard because as an expert in Spain I would recommend everything! But you gotta start somewhere!

First up, let’s explore Catalonia. Discover the 9 Best Barcelona Towns for a lovely day trip, and while you’re in the city, make sure to check out the 13 Best Markets in Barcelona for some mouthwatering food and unique crafts.

Now, let’s move on to the bustling capital, Madrid. Visit the 11 Most Beautiful Towns Near Madrid for an authentic Spanish experience. If you’re planning to stay in Madrid, find your perfect spot in the 10 Best Neighborhoods in Madrid: Students, Expats & Tourists. And to experience Madrid like a true Madrileño, don’t miss our 18 Best Tips & Tricks to Experience Madrid like a Local. If you’re a student planning to study abroad in Madrid, you’ll appreciate these 10 Things I Wish I knew Before Studying Abroad in Madrid.

Finally, it’s time to hit the island of Mallorca. Explore the 7 Most Beautiful Towns in Mallorca and let the island’s authentic local gems enchant you. If you’re up for some fun, don’t miss the 11 Best Party Spots in Mallorca.

Last but not least, enjoy a night out in Madrid by visiting one of the 21 Iconic Bars in Madrid with the best drinks and vibes! Salud!


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